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 Instajam™ news
Here’s 5 reasons why your business MUST use Instagram:

No. 1: Fastest growing social media platform (By Far!).

Instagram hit 400 million monthly active users (100 million more than Twitter). Instagram’s speed of growth is mind-blowing considering there were only 100 million users in 2013.

No. 2: Instagram is the ONLY social media platform where everything you post shows up in your followers newsfeed.

You do not need to “boost” your posts in order to get your content seen by your followers. This is HUGE because a small percentage of your posts on Facebook get in front of your audience. [read more]...
 Instajam™ news
Since Instagram’s rise as a multi-billion dollar social media platform, people have started to realize its value as a powerful marketing tool. Unfortunately, it does not come without its flaws. If you spend a lot time juggling multiple accounts on Instagram, you know how painful it can be to constantly sign in and out of separate accounts just to see what’s going on. The fact that you cannot manage them all at once ends up taking away valuable time that could be otherwise spent on something productive.

That all changes with the latest release (v7.15) for the iOS and Android platforms! It provides the feature that power users have been dying for: Multi-Account Management. You can now switch between [read more]...
 Instajam™ news
At this point in your business career, you're no stranger to Instagram and the value that it can provide as a marketing tool if it is used and leveraged correctly. Whether it’s a corporation expanding on an audience they already have, or some 16-year-old who seems to be magically attracting people to him, you can no longer hide from it.

The only question left at this point is: How can I take my brand and build it up to the [read more]...
 Instajam™ news
If you are a blogger looking to expand your online reach, or a social media manager of a company that needs to grow their brand, Instagram may be that pot of untapped potential that you have been looking for. Due to its rapidly growing base of users, it has become a powerful marketing tool utilized by the best of the best out there. Here are just a few ways in which Instagram can build your brand and boost the outreach your blog receives [read more]...
 Instajam™ news
At this point, nobody can deny the potential that Instagram has as an advertising medium for you and your company’s brand. Everybody from bloggers to major corporations are jumping on the Instagram bandwagon and reverse-engineering the secrets to gaining a massive following on Instagram. People are now willing to pay top dollar rates to social media consultants and experts that can boost their organic traffic and sales!

Like any powerful tool, Instagram can [read more]...
 Instajam™ news
Whenever you see your feed on any social network platform, you automatically expect things to display in a chronological order. All of the most recent items start at the top of the screen, and seeing older items requires you to scroll down further. However, what you may not have realized over time is that the algorithms powering these feeds are slowly changing.
In Facebook and Twitter, posts that are popular and/or fit with your personal preferences will appear [read more]...
 Instajam™ news
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you know that Instagram is planning to roll out a huge change to the algorithm that drives the content you see on your news feed. Rather than see things in a chronological order, you are now going to see the ‘best’ posts show up first in your feed. Start praying that your favorite accounts end up on the top of your feed, or you’ll spend the entire day scrolling and squinting your eyes to find them!
How are the people responding to this? Well, hundreds of thousands of highly-viewed profiles are now urging [read more]...
Instagram Secrets is NOT about getting likes and comments or which hashtags to use.

Instead, the information inside lays out a step-by-step solution to the 2 things online entrepreneurs care about most:

1. Building a large following FAST.

2. Converting those followers into leads and ultimately SALES.
Inside of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • Are you using a social media platform OTHER than Instagram to build your business? If so...STOP! Read this book instead and you'll discover the two reasons why Instagram is the online marketer’s "HOLY GRAIL” when it comes to driving traffic, getting leads and making sales! - pg. xii
  • The 12 Reasons Why Instagram dominates every other social media platform... PLUS: I’ll let you in on the “F+A=S.S Formula." When mastered, this “secret formula” will put you on the fast track to making your online business dream a reality! - pg.9
  • The 3 “Rules” you must follow in order to compete and WIN when it comes to playing the “Instagram Game”. (WARNING: Rules 1 and 3 are important, but rule 2 will make or break you!) - pg.19
  • 9 steps to choosing the perfect Instagram name and why choosing the right name is one of the most important decisions you will ever make when marketing your business online. -pg. 23
  • How one simple “tweak” to your profile image can be the difference between generating MILLIONS of followers v.s. being banished into Instagram obscurity. pg. 31
  • The “Magic Template” Instagram Influencers use to build bio’s (profiles) that have sold MILLIONS of dollars in products and services. (This template not only works for them BUT it's exactly what I used to craft a profile that pays me every day!) - pg. 37
  • The 4 pronged strategy you can use to ethically spy on your competitors and create powerhouse pages that will position you as an authority and attract your perfect follower. PLUS: Discover why making sure your page has the “Big O” can the difference between being an seen as Influencer or an imposter - pg. 43 
  • The 'Goldilocks' approach to selecting the perfect niche... and discover the difference between pages that only generate 100’s of followers versus those that generate hundreds of 1000’s of followers (HINT: There are 7 principles to follow, and you have to follow all of them ...) - pg. 47 
  • The 'secret weapon' you can use to quickly and easily create a never ending supply of fresh and engaging content… using ONLY your cell phone… all in 5 minutes a day OR LESS. - pg. 59
  • The perfect posting schedule for images and shoutouts. No more “post and pray”... Learn exactly how much and when to post! You’ll also learn the “ICONIC” tool we use to guarantee when we post our perfect client will see it! -pg. 67
  • Why people trying to steal your “Instagram Identity” can put you on the fast track to earning the most sought after, yet elusive “status symbol” in all of social media. (Trust me you want this to happen…) - pg. 73
  • Want to learn how to get famous Instagrammers to promote you? What about how to get pages with a following 3x larger than yours to “shout you out” for free? Cool, because I want to show you how... PLUS: I'll tell you exactly what to pay when promoting your page and the ‘razor sharp’ tool you can use to spot accounts with fake followers a mile away. -pg. 75
  • How to get off of the “follow and unfollow” rollercoaster. Sick and tired of gaining new followers one day... only to have them mysteriously disappear the next? We’ll show you the 8 tactics you can use to “show love” to you tribe and make them “follow” you to the end of the earth. -pg. 95
  • The “WIIFM” approach for getting a follower who is “speed scrolling” through their feed to stop on a dime and engage with your post.-pg.105
  • How to write post captions that get your followers to take ACTION. You’ll learn the 2 keys for getting your followers to hit “read more”. (Hint: Ask not what your followers can do for you, but what you can do for your followers.) -pg. 125
  • Hashtag? SMASHTAG! We’ll bust the through the b.s. and help you get to the bottom of how to correctly use the most bastardized tool in social media. -pg. 135
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Copyright 2013-2019 |™ | All Rights Reserved